The Arterra Story

Before co-founding Arterra, Vito Terracciano spent over three-decades leading the high-end construction industry with his company, Arteva Homes. Vito has developed a high level of expertise in managing the demands of concurrent and complicated projects. He built the foundation of his construction empire on caring for the needs of his customers. Today, Arteva’s architecture is admired across Michigan and beyond and is sought out by affluent home buyers.

In 1995, his Arteva business partner put his multi-million dollar home on the market. Vito was looking for the most qualified agent to sell the high-end luxury home. He interviewed three agents and chose one of the top sales agents in the area.

When an interested buyer came through the home, he admitted he was looking at another home at a lower price. The hired agent simply gave a tour of the home and was unable to provide insight on which buying decision was best for the customer. Knowing the true value of a home, Vito stepped in to help. Vito wanted the buyer to understand the in-depth differences of both homes. He walked the client through each home and was able to describe in detail the hidden features that both had to offer. Once the buyer understood the value in the unique and premium features, he purchased his business partners home. Without Vito’s product knowledge, the client would have bought a home he did not understand and his partner would not have sold his home.

During this process, Vito came to the realization that many of the industry’s top agents lack the product knowledge about the homes they are selling. He decided it was time to make a change the industry. Arterra was born based on the idea of giving the customer a better experience. By educating our agents on the product, they can help the customer to make the best buying or selling decision.

With anything that you purchase in life, the salesperson should be knowledgeable on that product. - Vito Terracciano, CEO

Arterra agents are certified as Construction Sales Professionals that have an unprecedented focus on construction and product knowledge. We believe that the knowledge of custom home building not only benefits the agents but the customer as well. At Arterra, we help our clients make the very best decision when buying or selling their home. We understand a home’s unique upgrades and finishes that uncovers its true value. This helps sellers maximize the asking price and helps buyers pay what the home is worth.




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