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Updated: May 6

The real estate industry is a unique one. It consists of, and offers opportunity to, professionals from all walks of life. Just like the greater field, Arterra is also the sum of its parts, and is strengthened by the diversity of each person’s experiences.

Our advisors’ stories are an important window into what makes Arterra the company it is today. In an effort to introduce you to our team members, we’ll be highlighting some of them in the coming months.

These profiles will give a look into their backgrounds, what makes them the professionals that they are today, and why we’re proud to have them as a part of our team.

Why Real Estate?

My husband and I bought our first home three years ago, and I fell in love with the process, but also wished that we had better representation and service throughout the process. At that time, I really wanted to change course and get into the industry (although I really had no idea what that would look like, or how to go about it).

Of course life got in the way, and my desire seemed more like a pipe dream than something that I could turn into a reality. BUT all of that changed in March of 2019. Things fell into place like I couldn't have imagined, and I began my path to becoming a licensed Realtor. (I still didn't know what that actually meant or looked like at that point). But, I began my courses online in May, and took my test in July of 2019. I could not be any happier with my decision to pursue my dream or the timing of how it happened. I only wish that I had found Arterra sooner- but as they say, "Better late than never".

Why Arterra

I learned about Arterra whilst attending a continuing education class offered by GMAR. I had mentioned to my instructor that I was feeling lost as a newer agent at my then current brokerage, and I was wondering what advice she could give me.

After corresponding back and forth via email later that day, it became quite evident that I needed to make a move, and she asked me to reach out to Nikki Trombley with Arterra. Up until then, I didn't know much about the brokerage other than I knew that I had seen their signs everywhere. But I trusted this instructor's opinion, and spoke with Nikki. She was absolutely wonderful and provided me with a lot of insight.

I also reached out to Rory, who happened to be on my social media network, although we had never met or even spoken before that point. He arranged to meet with me, and he literally spent an hour with me listening and answering my questions and explaining what positive impacts joining Arterra had made on his life.

I also took the opportunity to attend two of the free training sessions offered at Christenbury Creek's model home. It was there that I met Arterra's Broker, George Shaheen, which sealed the deal for me in making my decision to move to Arterra where agents were truly valued and trained for success. From the initial hello, I could tell that George was genuine, intelligent, and had the desire to see every agent succeed.

Joining the Industry

I have been licensed since July 2019.

Real Estate Specialty

I have signed up for the courses necessary to obtain the Real Estate Negotiations Expert designation in May and the Accredited Buyer's Representative designation in December. I also have a passion for the deaf/hearing impaired community and will begin attending classes this fall to strengthen my ASL skills in order to better represent this often forgotten people within our society.


Real estate is my career. It is my primary focus at all times, but I am commissioned by the State of Michigan as a Notary Public. I also have a background in the Paralegal field. Although it is not my current career path, I do occasionally receive requests from former attorney clients and in turn will assist them with preparing briefs and interrogatories when needed.


The first thing I would say to my past self is FIND A GOOD BROKER. The benefit of a good broker, one who genuinely cares about you professionally, as well as personally, is INVALUABLE. My secondary advice would be, don't be afraid to let people know that you're a Realtor and that YOU want to be the one to help them in making one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives.

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