Social Media Marketing Mastery

How to Succeed in a Digital World

Now more than ever it is essential to have a digital presence.

Your Digital First Impression

Greet your followers and page visitors with relevant content that speaks to what you do.

Know your audience

  • Real estate agents

  • Past clients

  • Who do you want to reach?

  • Future clients and community members

Post Checklist

Consider the following before posting

  • Use high-quality photography

  • Thoughtful caption

  • Add a location

  • Tag other accounts

  • Use hashtags

  • Check analytics for best timing

  • Spread out the posts

Content Ideas

Share Valuable and Informative Content that is relative to your audience.

  • Just listed/Just Sold

  • Show your portfolio of homes

  • Video

  • Walkthroughs

  • Aerial

  • Interior/exterior

  • Room ideas

  • Share your coworkers listings and tag them

  • Daily Activities

  • Community Involvement

  • Client Testimonials

  • Real estate tips

  • Market Updates

  • Share your agent story

  • Market Updates

  • Client Tips


What to say about your content

Use your product knowledge to describe the features that add value to a space. Try to avoid overused words like beautiful and stunning, and instead replace them with specific details about what is in the photo.

You can also use a caption to change the context of a photo you have posted before. Try using questions to promote engagement, ask your followers to rate an interior photo, or a poll for "this or that".

Hashtag Etiquette

How to use hashtags efficiently

Hashtags are used to create a group of similar postings. They are used slightly differently on each platform, but they are important for expanding your audience. Create a personal hashtag for your brand and use popular hashtags to drive traffic to your posts. You can also follow hashtags to see what others are saying about a particular topic.

Type out most commonly used hashtags and save them in a note sheet. That way you can easily copy and paste them on each post and add custom ones depending on the topic of your post. On Facebook and LinkedIn we use less hashtags, ranging from one to three, on Instagram we use more. Post your hashtags as a comment on Instagram. This way they are not crowding your caption and can be hidden by other comments on your post.

Increase Your Online Presence

Organically Grow Your Following

Just as with your sphere of influence, start with the people you know. Ask them to follow your business pages by posting on your personal page or sharing content from your business page.

Follow other real estate agents and business professionals with quality content. Seeing posts from other can give you ideas for your own and remind you to be posting. Follow other community members and engage in their content by liking and commenting. Remember it's called social networking!

Search for people who may be interested in your page by following users that like similar content to yours. A good rule of thumb is to follow back everyone who follows your page. While this may effect your "ratio" it also helps grow your audience.

Lastly, post consistently. Set up a schedule for yourself and stick to it.


The algorithms on social media are always changing, but to increase the reach of your post the first hour is critical. Engagement including liking, commenting, and sharing all increase the reach of your post.

Tips & Tricks


Connect your Facebook Business page to view analytics on your page. By linking your pages you can also automatically share posts and stories you create on Instagram to your Facebook Business page.

Posts in your feed should be high quality photos. Add an extra touch by curating photos that have a similar look or color so your profile looks inviting in the grid format. Our grid uses a combination of home photos, community, events, and quotes to create a pattern on our profile.

Stories stay on your page for twenty-four hours and can be used to share behind the scenes video or photos about your feed posts. You can also create polls and ask questions that engage your audience. Categories past stories as "highlights" to display them at the top of your page.

Other Tools

  • Link Tree: Instagram only allows one link in your bio. Link Tree allows you to compile multiple links on one website so you can send your followers to more than one page for information.

  • Bitly: Shortens links and allows you to track the analytics including how many clicks each link receives.


Create a business page and fill it out completely with your contact information and bio. A business page does not cap your "friends" and allows you to invite people to like your page, schedule posts, and view analytics.

When sharing links to Facebook, paste the website URL into the create a post section. Facebook will more often than not pull a photo from the website to create a preview. Once you see the preview, always delete the URL.


Your audience on LinkedIn is primarily industry professionals including other real estate agents, trades, and other business connections. After working with an agent or mortgage lender connect with them on LinkedIn or other social platforms.

Make sure your profile is up to date with your previous experience, and include a short bio. Key words like REALTOR or real estate should be included to increase your presence in searches.

Share content like videos and industry articles. You can share from other websites or write your own via the "write an article" option.

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