Selling Your Home in Today's Market

Updated: Apr 14

With the ever-changing norms of our day-to-day, we continue to adjust to a more digital lifestyle. With technologies like Zoom and Google Hangouts, we are able to help you with your real estate needs virtually. This includes preparing your home for sale, listing your home on the market, or simply understanding your needs so that we can help you when you are ready to sell. If you are looking to take the next step, we have the programs in place to help you!

In the process of selling your home, we start by providing high-quality photography. The goal for your listing photos is always to display your property at its best and to help a buyer visualize the spaces of the home as their own. Home photography and staging are best with a professional touch – however, if you are looking to list your home during this time, we have teamed up with Next Door Photos to provide you with a list of beginner’s tips for photographing your home.

Beginner's Guide to Home Photography

1. Exterior

Dedicate some time to the exterior of your home. Fix up your landscaping if possible, mow your lawn, and rake any left over leaves. If you have a front porch, take the time to brush off the dirt and make the entrance to your home presentable with the tools you have at home. You will want to take two photos each of both the exterior front and back of your home.

Next Door Photos. Pending by Rory MacDonald.

2. Declutter

We know this is not an easy task seeing as everyone is home right now. However, decluttering your home will help make the details of your home stand out. Try to declutter each room the best you can. This means hiding cords, removing personal items, and tidying up your home!

3. Rooms of Focus

Buyers typically look to kitchens, bathrooms, family rooms, and master suites as the most important rooms in the home. Be sure to capture at least two angles of these rooms. If your home includes specific updates, make sure you capture those details as well. For example, if your kitchen has a detailed back splash, take an extra photo to highlight this feature.

Next Door Photos. Listing by Dafoe Real Estate.

4. Bathrooms

Start by removing personal items from countertops and showers ( or close the curtain ) and closing the toilet seat. Take photos from the corner opposite of your mirror to avoid being in the photo.

5. Bedrooms

Make the beds, tuck in sheets, and remove personal items from night stands, including charging cables.

Next Door Photos. Sold by Haig.

6. Pets

Remove evidence of pets as best you can. Tidy up toys, pet beds, and food dishes.

7. Fireplace

Turn on your fireplace and consider taking an additional photo if you have a detailed fireplace surround such as brick or marble.

Next Door Photos. Listed by Cindy Gibson.

8. Fans

Be sure to turn off all of your ceiling fans to avoid motion blur in your photos.

9. Staging

Staging can be an essential process to preparing your home for sale. In this case, let's stick to the basics. Think of the details in your home and try to arrange your furniture and decor accordingly. For an extra touch, set your table, fold a tea towel, add house plants, or stack your favorite books on the coffee table.

Next Door Photos. Contact Bradley Glowe for details.

10. Hold your phone sideways

Now that your home is ready to be photographed, rotate your phone so that you are capturing photos horizontally. Try to hold it level and resist tilting down or up. Remember to clean your lens!

11. Stand in the corner of the room

Don't overthink the details. Allow online visitors to see the entire room. Viewing the full space, and how rooms connect can help a potential buyer visualize the floor plan.

12. Lighting

Plan to take your photos in the morning; this will allow the most natural light in. Add to the natural light by opening all blinds/curtains as well as turning on all over head lights and lamps. You will also want to replace lightbulbs if you can.

View the full Pre-Photography Checklist provided by Next Door Photos on page 31 of our Home Buyer and Seller Guidebook.

Luckily, with the help of quality listing photos, as well as virtual and 3D tours, we are still able get your home onto the market promptly. If you are looking for an expedited selling process, ask your Arterra Advisor how our brand new ROI program can provide you with a real offer within 24 hours. We are here to provide you with all of the tools and information necessary to list your home at this time.




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