Real Estate All-Star: Michael Mason

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Every year, Hour Media releases a list of top real estate agents in the Metro Detroit area. We are proud to announce that our very own agent, Michael Mason, has been recognized for his hard work and achievements for the sixth year in a row. We congratulate him on his continuous success and celebrate his journey to becoming an all-star.

Michael Mason began his career as a project assistant at our sister company, Arteva Homes, in 2008. There, he worked his way to becoming Arteva’s Top Sales Producing Manager, all while earning a masters in Urban Design at Lawrence Tech and studying for his real estate license. Mason assisted in establishing Arterra as an Associate Broker when the company started in 2015. Since then, Mason has consecutively been listed as an Hour Media Real Estate All-Star which highlights the top 5% of agents in Metro Detroit. Mason joins the list again this year as a 2019 Real Estate All-Star with over 21 million dollars in sales volume in one year.

“The knowledge that I’ve gained by working at Arterra has brought me to the next level in my career. The hands-on product knowledge training has allowed me to stand out in the industry and impress clients when it comes to professionally presenting the values of a home. Arterra has also given me the opportunity to connect with clients and key professionals in the industry that I otherwise would not have met.” –Michael Mason, Real Estate All-Star Since 2014

Our relationship with Arteva and other home builders give us direct access to all stages of the home building process. We take our agents through communities in the construction phase as well as staged model homes, so they learn to identify hidden features of a home by eyesight. We show agents how a foundation of a home is built, interior and exterior materials, types of appliances, design style, and many more features that make a home stand out among the rest.

Knowing the difference between standard and upgraded features allows our agents to maximize their clients selling price or help them pay exactly what a home is worth. Learning about the foundation and structural advantages also give our agents an opportunity to recommend renovations or quick fixes using our preferred trades contacts. Mason has found that this is one of the main reasons why his career as a real estate agent is a success.

“Arteva and Arterra’s affiliation has specifically helped with my product knowledge training. Whether I’m showing a 100,000 dollar home, or even a 1 million dollar home, there’s always something that I can bring to the table.” –Michael Mason

We strive to give each and every one of our agents the opportunity to take their career to the next level. Because of our affiliation with a custom home builder, we are able to provide unparalleled product knowledge training and networking opportunities in the industry. If you are brand new to the real estate industry, or if you are experienced and looking to take your career to the next level, like Mason, contact us and let us help you become a Real Estate All-Star too.




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