Luxury Unlocked

Breaking into the Luxury Market

Vito Terracciano will share his knowledge and experience in the luxury real estate industry during Luxury Unlocked. He plans to share his 30 plus years in the high-end building industry with real estate agents to demonstrate strategies and techniques to break into and succeed in the luxury real estate market.

Vito started his career with a passion for building dream homes. With no prior background in the industry, he started construction on 5,000 square foot homes in a gated community. Soon after, he was asked to build a $7 million home in Bloomfield Hills (pictured above). This was Vito's official break into the high-end luxury market. Through luxury events, networking, and creative marketing, he used this project to launch into what today is Arteva Homes.

Vito Terracciano, CEO of Arteva Homes and Arterra Realty, has been building homes and land development for 30 plus years. He is the founder of a luxury home building company that has built over 250 custom homes across Michigan. Vito is also the original founder of a network marketing company that went on to produce five-hundred thousand distributors—nationally and internationally—and $800 million in annual sales. With his knowledge of building and developing business and people, he went on to establish Arterra Realty.

I hear others saying it is hard to break into the luxury market, but I disagree. I want to share this knowledge with as many agents who are looking to learn. By doing this I hope that we can improve the experience for more customers.

Real estate agents, reserve your spot today for Luxury Unlocked. Learn from an expert in the industry and find out how you too can find success in the high-end real estate market. Agents can expect the full step-by-step process from networking to accurately pricing high-end homes. Learn in depth how to professionally present a luxe collection home as well as important steps to take when marketing for a successful sale.

Luxury Unlocked. November 19, 2019. 1630 Serene Court, Rochester Hills. 12pm.




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