Introducing ROI by Arterra

Updated: Apr 3

Arterra is thrilled to announce the launch of ROI, our brand new iBuyer program designed to bring clients “Real Offers Instantly.”

The iBuyer – or Instant Buyer – model is designed to align sellers with interested investors, delivering cash offers in barely any time at all.

ROI by Arterra is structured for sellers of residential properties valued up to $500,000 who are looking for an expedited selling alternative. Offers for up to 90% of a property’s value come from our exclusive investor pool and are presented to sellers within 24 hours of application.

Participating in the ROI program requires no additional cost to the seller and is as easy as submitting a few photos of the home to your Arterra advisor. After receiving the offer, sellers retain the ability to consider other interested buyers.

This launch comes at a time when many national corporations, such as Zillow, Opendoor and Redfin have suspended their iBuyer programs.

“Through our strategic partnerships and niche market, we are able to offer customers this creative solution and deliver the best real estate experience possible. Being there to help our clients remains our number one priority, especially during this uncertain time,” Arterra Co-Founder and CEO Vito Terracciano said.

Paired with Arterra’s industry-leading systems and a founding team composed of over 50 years of experience in buying, selling and building, ROI is positioned to become the next leading iBuyer program to serve the greater Metro-Detroit communities.

Benefits of participating in ROI by Arterra:

  • Utilizing the service requires no additional cost to the seller.

  • The program allows sellers to list and sell traditionally.

  • Receiving a cash offer strengthens the client in their next transaction as a buyer.

  • ROI offers provide a potentially faster selling process if clients need to make a change quickly.

If you would like to learn more and discuss how you can list your home through the ROI program, please contact us today at 248-212-0751.




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