Arterra Agent vs. For Sale By Owner

Should you use a real estate agent or list your home yourself? This is a tough question many people ask themselves when it comes time to sell their home. Many homeowners sell their home without using a real estate agent with the thought process of making more profit by not having to pay the commission. While the decision is based on preference, many people choose to sell their home themselves without doing their research.

Arterra agents offer a wide variety of benefits that you won’t receive when selling your home yourself. Before you make the decision to do FSBO, consider using an Arterra agent. We have put together a few reasons why you should choose an Arterra real estate agent rather than FSBO.

Product Knowledge

Because Arterra Realty is affiliated with a luxury home builder, Arteva Homes, our agents are certified as Construction Sales Professionals who know how a home is built from the ground up. They go through extensive product knowledge training so they are able to spot key features that add value to a home. This integrated approach is uncommon in our industry; however, it’s what sets Arterra agents apart.


Real estate agents can get you more money through the art of negotiation. Our agents know how to price a home based on what it’s worth. They understand every feature of your home that will make it stand out amongst the rest. FSBO homes typically only make 85-90% of what they’re listed at. Are you willing to “save” 6% at the risk of losing more than double? Having a professional real estate agent who knows the market and understands the value of a home will get you the amount that you know your home is worth.

Marketing/Professional Photography

The most important component for a successful home sale is potential buyers. And how do you attract buyers nowadays? The internet. Print ads and yard signs just don’t cut it anymore. Having a strong internet strategy is crucial to advertise your home. Arterra agents have access to an exclusive email list that will market your home to the masses. We offer free in-house marketing to all of our agents to help give your home exposure; including email campaigns, social media content, flyers, etc. We also provide free professional photography for all of our listings so we can be sure each and every one of our clients' homes are shown in the best light.

Showings/Open Houses

Since the majority of sellers work full-time, they aren’t always available to show their home. Having a real estate agent to show your home when you are unavailable will speed up the process when trying to sell your home. If a potential buyer wants to see your home and you don’t have the time, they will most likely move onto a different listing. Our agents will do all the work for you when it comes to open houses. They can provide marketing materials and will market your home to the masses in order to bring people to your listing.

In addition to showings and open houses, Arterra agents host other educational events that bring your home to the attention of local real estate agents. These events invite agents to learn the features and benefits of your home and potentially bring a buyer to your listing.

Trades List

Since our company is affiliated with a luxury home builder, we can provide you with the connections and contact information of trusted trades that Arteva Homes has used for the past thirty years. If your home needs repairs before you are ready to sell (roof repairs, landscaping, or remodeling), our agents will put you in contact with the best trades in the area to get the job done.

Multiple Listings Service

Even though you can post your home listing on Zillow, you aren’t able to access the MLS system. Posting on Zillow is free to use; however, the MLS is exclusively for real estate agents.When an agent posts on the MLS, it connects and posts to all real estate websites; such as Zillow, Trulia,, to help reach your listing to a variety of home buyers.

Before you make the decision to sell your home yourself, sit down with an Arterra Agent and see what they have to offer. Our agents will exceed your expectations in what you are looking for in a real estate agent.

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